Bread Machine Paddle for Domo, Gorenje, Hauser, Superior, Siméo

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Bread Machine Keading Paddle for Hauser BM720, B3900/15/20/59/60/65/70/75/80/, Gorenje BM900AL, Donlim BM1308, Siméo QP370, Qp330, QP320 , Superior BM1309, Concept – CP5010, Bork – X500

1 review for Bread Machine Paddle for Domo, Gorenje, Hauser, Superior, Siméo

  1. 1 out of 5


    usually the liquid goes in first, along with the sugar, salt and any fat’s i.e. oil, or bteutr then the flour and last the yeast sits on top of the flour.. Always separate the yeast from the liquid and salt.. as the salt will stop the action by the yeast. Then hit the button for the type of bread your making i.e. white, wheat etc and select the size .. 1 1/2 lb or 2 lbs and then let it go.. Check the bread dough after about the first 4 minutes and see if it looks smooth .. if not add a small , 1 tsp at a time of water to the dough and let it mix.. the dough should look smooth and slightly shiny.. Then just let the machine do the rest .. When it is done baking.. take it out of the pan as soon as possible The little spinner that mix’s the dough may be stuck in the bottom of the bread ..just wait until it cools and then pull it out. The longer it sits in the pan the crust will get softer.. and you want some crunch to the crust.. Then wait for at least 30-40 minutes letting it cool on a rack before you cut it.. And that is it.. Good luck

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